Design SHOWS

Face Off Competition 

​​featuring: Top 3 Finalists 

​saturday  |   8:30pm   ​ grand ballroom north

5 design shows are included in your registration!

sponsored by: FTD

​​sponsored by: Connecticut Florists Association

After a ​delicious dinner at our annual Gala, join fellow florists to watch the top three finalists compete for the prestigious title of  the Northeast Floral Designer of the Year. Just like Iron Chef, 

contestants receive a surprise package and are given the criteria right before the contest begins. 

First Prize: $1,000.00

​​sponsored by:  Connecticut Florists Association

​                              The Northeast Regional Chapter of AIFD

 The Emotions of Color  

​​featuring: Jacob McCall AIFD, AAF, FSMD

​sunday  |   11am - 12:pm  ​ grand ballroom north

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" - Dr. Suess

​​featuring:  Michael Derouin AAF, AIFD, PFCI, CAFA

sunday  |  4pm - 5:30pm  ​ grand ballroom north

Sunday march 5


Saturday march 4

​​sponsored by:  The Connecticut Florists Association

 Shine Bright Like A Diamond

​​featuring:Donald Yim AIFD, CFD, CPFD

​sunday  |   2pm-3pm  ​ grand ballroom north

Inspired by her recent travels and wedding work in India, Yoli LaGuerre, AIFD will take you on a journey to explore the proper meaning and traditions of  A True Indian Wedding. She will open the curtains and give you a peek inside of this world with using authentic materials, fabrics, and facades imported directly from India. The audience will be fully immersed into a place where every tiny detail is as important as the largest element. Dream with Yoli, excite your senses… observe, touch, feel, smell and take pleasure in a Beautiful Indian Wedding.   Jai ho – Yoli

Take a moment to remove yourself from our fast paced world, to slow down and join us for an exciting presentation.  Become engaged as unique floral designs come to life with the incorporations of various materials to demonstrate the transformation that can be made with the simple addition of familiar, everyday material. Our presentation allows you to take the time to watch how the style and emotion can change by the addition of these items. Leave with inspiration to discover your own unique materials to incorporate into your next arrangement!

How do you feel when you see different colors…powerful, sexy, excited? This is your journey into Jacob’s world of color! In this program, he will share his philosophy of what color truly represents through clever color combinations. As Jacob travels the color wheel, you will be amazed at how color can simply change your mood, your tone and even your demeanor, just by seeing it!

Destination : India 

The story of a True Indian Wedding

​​featuring:  Yoli LaGuerre CFD, AIFD

​saturday  |   11am-12pm  ​ grand ballroom north

​​​sponsored by:  Oasis Floral Products 

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”  - Dr. Suess

Second-generation floral designer Michael Derouin will share highlights of his journey growing up in his families florist... from filling water tubes to creating luxury designs for an exclusive clientele. 
His program will involve on-stage designing and touch on bridal, ceremony,  reception and corporate work. 

Everything will include “behind the scenes” how to instructions — so that you can take these concepts back to your store and modify them to meet your client’s needs.  

Weddings & Special Events are the prime opportunity to showcase your best — when your design work speaks for itself, it becomes your greatest asset.