17- Oasis Floral Products

​18 - Pennock 

19 - Pennock

20 - Chrysal

21 - R&S Baskets

​22 - Bloomnet

23 - Seagroatt Riccardi

24 - Seagroatt Riccardi

​25 - GotFlowers?

26 - Garden Galleries

27 - Calla Lily's Memory Lamps 28 - East Coast Wholesale 

29 - Teleflora

30 - Teleflora 

                     Booth Space:$975



the northeast floral expo 2017 



To Reserve Exhibit Space

Please read and complete the Exhibitor's Agreement below. After you click "submit" you will automatically be directed to The CFA Market Place to select and pay for your

                            Trade Fair Exhibit Space.  If you already submitted your Exhibitor Agreement                                to purchase your space

Each 8'x10' Space Includes

- Pipe & Drape

-  6' Skirted Table & 2 Chairs

- 2 Free Registrations 


All exhibitors and their staffs must be registered for the convention, in advance online or by mail. Two complimentary exhibitors’ passes / badges will be provided to each business. To order additional registrations click here. Regular rates apply. General registration for the weekend is $99.00 per person or $59.00 for CFA Members. We also offer single day registrations for Saturday or Sunday at the rate of $59.00 per person or $39.00 for CFA Members. Exhibitors must wear official convention badges throughout the convention, which bears the attendees’ names and company. Exhibitors’ registration is not transferable; each person must be registered. There are NO REPLACEMENTS for badges.

Exhibit space(s) must be paid in full before set-up will be allowed. Set-up must be finished by 9:00 am, Saturday, March 4th. Exhibit areas will be open Friday, March 3rd from Noon-11:00pm, and again early the next morning, Saturday, March 4th from 6:00am-9:00am. All exhibitors are required to utilize the banquet loading dock. When not loading/unloading, all exhibitor vehicles, trucks and transport must be parked in the designated parking area down the street from the hotel. Directions will be provided. Exhibitors are not permitted to load through any other door of hotel. Please unload quickly and promptly, moving trucks away from these areas to make way for other exhibitors. Do not block these areas in any way at any time, per order of the Fire Marshal. Also, do not store materials, boxes, etc. in the service hallways or exit areas surrounding the exhibit areas. Park vehicles in approved parking lots. Do not park in established fire lanes. For the safety of show attendees, all exhibits must be maintained within the assigned booth space area. Nothing will be allowed to extend into the aisles.There is no storage available - please plan accordingly.

CFA is not responsible or liable for any loss or theft connected with the convention. The exhibit hall will be locked down in off-hours. Displays should be covered for an added measure of security. Persons not wearing registration badges will not be permitted to enter the areas controlled by the Association.

Exhibits may not be dismantled before 3:00 pm, Sunday, March 5th. All exhibits must be up continuously for display from 9:00am Saturday through this time. This rule will be strictly enforced. If your display is taken down before this time, you will be charged a PENALTY of $250 which MUST be paid in full with one week of the close of the convention.

• NOTE: Take-down will be done in a controlled, orderly system of rotation that will prevent jam-ups. The Trade Fair Chairman will explain this system at the Exhibitor's Meeting, 9:00am Saturday. All exhibits and materials must be removed from the Hotel before 6:00pm Sunday. Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning up their space after takedown. IMPORTANT: Any space not left in broom-swept condition shall be subject to a $150 per booth clean-up charge (or a larger fee should CFA incur additional fees)

One representative from each company exhibiting at the convention must attend an exhibitors' meeting at 8:30am, Saturday, March 4th at The Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place Hotel. Important information concerning the trade fair and the convention itself will be given. From this time on, security guards will stop any person not wearing a convention badge. Badges will be given out at the registration desk.

The Connecticut Florists Association reserves the right to order the removal, without refund, or deny re-booking of future convention space, of any exhibitor who violates the trade fair rules. The Convention Chairs together with the Trade Fair Chairperson will investigate complaints and will immediately determine whether an exhibitor is in violation of a rule. Their collective decision is final; there is no appeal. Any exhibitor or his agent who does not immediately and entirely remedy a violation as requested by these two officials will be prohibited from attending all future CFA events for a period of not less than one year and not more than five years. The CFA Board of Directors will determine the exact length of the prohibition period at their next scheduled meeting. Their decision is final; there is no appeal.

All exhibitors should be registered with the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services & have a state tax number. If you do not have a CT tax number, please get the necessary forms directly from the DRS, 25 Sigourney Street, Hartford, CT 06106. 860-297-5962


1- Hunter Gallery

2- Flower Shop Network

​3 - Jacobson Floral

4 - Bloomnation

5 - FTD

6 - Carbone 

7- Multi Packaging Solutions

8 - Rescom Windows

9 - DV Flora

10 - DV Flora

11 - Hortica

​12 - UFN

13 - AIFD NE Region

14 - Syndicate Sales

15 - Fall River

16 - Fall River

The Northeast Floral Expo 2017 Exhibitor Agreement
Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place Hotel
Saturday, March 4th 9am – 4pm & Sunday, March 5th 9am – 3pm.

All exhibitors MUST staff and maintain their exhibit space(s) throughout these time periods.
Reservations must be done ONLINE through CFA’s MARKET PLACE - our SECURE Registration Portal. The inventory of Exhibit Space is “LIVE” so you can see what spaces are AVAILABLE for reservation. Please do not call the CFA Office for reservations, as there is a chance your desired space may be taken before your reservation is complete with the office.

A 50% NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is REQUIRED to Reserve Exhibit Space.
This Exhibitor Agreement must be completed and submitted before selecting exhibit space.
Your exhibit space(s) must be paid-in-full by January 15, 2017. If your payment is not made your reserved Exhibit Space(s) will be released and you will forfeit your NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. If there are remaining spaces for purchase your deposit may be applied towards that purchase. To avoid this CFA will send Invoices in December & January as a reminder your payment is due,

CFA Members taking advantage of EARLY BIRD MEMBER BENEFIT MUST be in good standing with the organization. Your 2016 membership dues must be up-to-date at time of reservation and you must pay your 2017 Membership Dues no later than January 15, 2017. Otherwise, you will forfeit all discounts, and benefits will no longer be valid.
All payments to the Connecticut Florists Association are strictly NON REFUNDABLE. CFA reserves the right to sell unclaimed or unreserved space at regular exhibit rates.
Space is assigned on a first-come basis. Reservations must be done ONLINE through CFA’s MARKET PLACE - our SECURE Registration Portal. The inventory of Exhibit Space is “LIVE” so you can see what spaces are AVAILABLE for reservation. The Floor Plan shown on will be updated every 24 hours. Please do not call the CFA Office for reservations, as there is a chance your desired space may be reserved before your reservation is complete with the office.

Exhibitors should have patience with the CFA / Trade Fair Committee, a group of volunteer florists that work very hard to produce this expo. All space is subject to change. Once assigned, booth space often cannot be changed, especially close to or at the convention, however when able to we will make every effort to accommodate requests. The decisions of the Trade Fair Committee are binding and final. 

Display space is limited to the “inside dimensions" of your exhibit space. Nothing can be placed or displayed outside those parameters. Nothing may be placed on the floor or walls surrounding your space. Tables must contain all displays to the table top. There are no exceptions to these rules, which are enforced through the fire code. If you exceed your space you will be notified by The Trade Fair Committee and your immediate action is expected.

Electrical outlets are available for BOOTHS ONLY at the additional cost of $75 for the 2-day show period if ordered in advance. The rate increases to $150 if ordered on-site.

No sub-leasing of exhibit space will be permitted. Exhibitors are prohibited from operating any kind of shuttle service that transports show attendees away from the convention. The display and sale of merchandise and services must be limited to the assigned exhibit areas, and not in hospitality rooms or vehicles outdoors on hotel property. Each and every exhibitor and his agents will confine any and all sales activity to the contracted booth space and nowhere else on or off the premises during the convention (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday inclusive). For the purposes of this rule, 'sales activity' is defined to include, but is not limited to: taking orders, sale of merchandise, display of merchandise or goods or promotional literature of any kind, distribution or placement of flyers, posters, signage or electronic media, or any other action which might be construed as an inducement to purchase goods or services of any kind or which might be construed as an inducement to attract prospective customers away from the trade fair area. Non-exhibitor people from wholesale/supplier companies may be charged premium rate for registration. All vendors wishing to participate in the Trade Fair will purchase exhibit space or become a major sponsor of the show. The conduct of business must be within the reasonable confines of a vendor’s paid booth. Any representative of a non-vendor or sponsor company found conducting business or distributing advertising materials (i.e., specials lists, flyers, price lists, etc.) will be escorted out of the trade show and will also be suspended from participating in the trade show for a period of 3 years. Any person expelled under the provisions of this policy shall have the right to appeal to the CFA Board of Directors at their next meeting.